Juice Roll Upz

Grape Ice

Grape Ice has the flavor profile of fresh grapes straight from the vineyard with a little dash of juice and ice. The inhale consist of the pure and rich taste of premium grapes which will instantly make your mouth drool the second the flavoring hits your taste palate. Upon exhaling is when the ice menthol comes into play and really cools down the mouth. There are also slight undertones of grape flavoring in the exhale.


Carnival Juice Roll Upz - Berry Lemonade

Carnival Juice Roll Upz Berry Lemonade flavour E Liquid is a sweet and tangy berry lemonade vape, and is very moorish! 

100ml 'Shortfill' þannig eftir að þú setur 20 ml NicShot úti vökvann verður hann 120ml!


blue cotton candy

A fluffy Cotton Candy flavoring infused with a refreshing Blue Raspberry finish