Moreish Puff Sherbert - Cherry

Sherbet Cherry is an explosion of fantastically-fizzy flavour! With this delicious offering from Moreish Puff you’ll notice an inhale of rich, ripe cherries which transforms effortlessly into an exhale of fizzy sherbet. Sweetness this obscene should be illegal!   


Moreish Puff Candy Drops - Watermelon & Cherry

The Moreish Puff Candy Drops Watermelon & Cherry e liquid lets you enjoy the sweet taste of Summer with its delicious Watermelon and Cherry, candy drop combo that’ll make your taste buds burst with excitement.


Moreish Puff Sherbet Raspberry

A refreshing concoction featuring the ripest of raspberries alongside a sweet sherbet exhale that dances around your taste buds and nicely coats your mouth with Raspberries.

Bragð:            Hindberja
Magn vökva:  100ml
Stærð flösku: 120ml

100ml 'Shortfill' þannig eftir að þú setur 20 ml NicShot úti vökvann verður hann 120ml!