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Demon Killer Cotton

The authentic Demon Killer Muscle cotton uses a proprietary purifying process at their states of the art GMP certified facility that removes all impurities, natural oils, and pesticides to ensure that the wick is 100% tasteless. This gives the cloud chaser the purest taste without any unwanted flavor and with no break-in period needed. The Muscle cotton also absorbs and holds e-juice better that other-ecig wicks, keeping your coils juiced so you can go for longer durations.


nichrome 80 wire 100

Nichrome 80 100ft

Hægt er að velja á milli 22 upp að 36 GA


Coil building sett

  • Revolutionary Patent Pending Micro Coiling Technology, making coils now is a breeze

  • Simply trap your wire, rotate the top cap, and you get that perfect micro coil in seconds, each and every time!

  • Light weight and portable, perfect for traveling, and on the go!

  • Unique styling with stylish colors, each color represent different coil size

  • CW-20 - Make 2 mm coils, CW-25 - Makes 2.6mm coils, CW-30 - Makes 3mm Coils

  • By far the most innovative and revolutionary products of the year! 

  • 6 Types in 1 box.

  • RDA coils all tool kits.


UD Wire Box


  • 1 Spool of Kanthal A1 - 26GA - 30ft
  • 1 Spool of Nichrome - 26GA - 30ft
  • 1 Spool of Ni200 - 26A - 30ft
  • 1 Spool of SS 316L - 26GA - 30ft
  • 1 Spool of Kanthal Twisted - 28GA*3 - 15ft
  • 1 Spool of Clapton - 26GA + 28GA - 15ft

Clapton builder Kit

Daedalus Clapton Wire DIY Tool by Avidartisan

Here is the world's first 'Do It Yourself Tool' that is used to create perfect coils for rebuildable tanks and drippers!

Use it to easily build stable clapton, fused clapton, flat clapton, etc... etc...

This DIY kit contains everything you need to create your perfect coil!

 The features of Daedalus:

1. The world’s first DIY tool indeed, subvert your imagination.
2. Building the clapton coil whatever your want. 
3. All operations are too simple to pay much effort.
To be an artisan of vaping! 

The Daedalus Clapton Wire Tool Package includes:

2PC Magical Clapton Tool

2PC Swivel Coastlock

1PC Daedalus body

1PC Smart Coil Jig

1PC Tool Clamp

2PC Screw Nut

1PC Manual

2PC Spring


Coil Master SS316L

This wire is made of stainless steel 316L.
Coil AWG:22ga;24ga;26ga;28ga;30ga;36ga
For Model: RTA/RDA/RBA
Package contents:1*30ft/10m wire(22,24,26,28,30ga); 1*100ft wire(36ga)
You will get a pure flavor taste of your e-juice, and no e-liquid spliting out of your tank.


CM K Clapton Wire

This clapton wire is made of kanthal A1,26ga and Nichrome 30ga.
Coil AWG: 26+30ga
For Model: RTA/RDA/RBA
Package contents:1*10ft wire
You will get a pure flavor taste of your e-juice, and no e-liquid spliting out of your tank.


Coil Master Twist

Coil AWG:26ga;28ga
Package contents: 1*15ft/5m wire
You will get a pure flavor taste of your e-juice, and no e-liquid spliting out of your tank.


Coil Master A1 Wire

Made from Kanthal A1. Each roll is 30 feet/10m.
This alloy is the most common wire used in coil building and in standard replacement head coils.
Coil AWG: 22ga;24ga;26ga;28ga;30ga;
For Model: RTA/RDA/RBA
Package contents:1*30ft/10m wire
You will get a pure flavor taste of your e-juice, and no e-liquid spliting out of your tank.


CM Organic Cotton

Coil Master Organic Cotton(5pcs/pack)
milky white with black spots (cottonseed or shredded leaves)

The Combustion Process :
mild and slow with no smell.

natural flavor

no chemical treatment
no bleach
no colorant
low-carbon environment, renewable


Coil Master Pbag

Want to enjoy vaping everywhere?
With a Coil Master Pbag,carry your favorite ejuice & vape kits outdoors.
With a Coil Master Pbag,store the battery,cotton and coils in order.
A Coil Master Pbag,meet all your needs.

Height: 4.33″
Width: 3.54″
Thickness: 1.37″


Coil Master Build Motta

This Mat is great to protect you desk or table when you do your builds.It measures 33×15 Plenty of room for the beginner or advanced builder.Great quality!


C-M Ultrasonic Cleaner

To renew a vaping freshness
Are you tired of the tedious process of cleaning?
Are you disgust with the residual taste of vaping?
Are you yearn for a brand new vaping experience?
Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner is super easy to operate. Simply fill the tank with water, set the 3-minute timer and then you can get a fresh feeling back to you!

Product Description:
Coil Master Ultrasonic Cleaner is a powerful cleaner that gently cleans your vaping-related products, such as RTA,RDA,RBA,metal atomizers parts,screws,drip tips,etc. The tank holds up to 600ml of water and powerful ultrasonic energy wave sweeps away dirt, dust and grime quickly and easily.

1、Use tap water for cleaning;
2、Practical and classic design;
3、3 minutes auto shut-off;
4、Moisture-proofed and anti-corrosion PCB,more durable;
5、CE、FCC、RoHS testing approval;
6、Specialized for cleaning RTA,RDA,RBA,metal atomizer parts,screws,o-rings,glass tanks,drip tips,etc.


Model CM-800
Voltage AC100-120V,60Hz
Frequency 40KHz
Ultrasonic Power 35W
Tank capacity 0.6L
Tank size(mm) 155*95*52(L*W*H)
Overall size(mm) 200*140*125(L*W*H)
Unit weight 1.18KG
Drainage None
Carton size 557*510*360mm(12PCS/CTN)

Package Includes:
Coil Master Ultrosonic Cleaner


Coil Master Mini Kbag

The Coil Master Kbag mini is an extremely helpful and practical travel case for all of your vape gears.

Kbag Mini is designed with a series of adjustable elastic straps on one side of the case, which firmly holds your precious vape gears in place, virtually eliminating the risk of the shifting around while in motion.

Color: Black
Dimensions: 9.1”x 6.1”x 1.8 ”
Weight: 180g


Coil Master Vape Bag

Coil Master Vape Bag is designed for vape gear carrying, which fits with all your vape stuffs including batteries, mods, atomizers, parts, tools and E-Liquid. All item will be stored and protected descreetly. It measures approximately 7″ x 11″ x 2.4″, and comes with a handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. It’s great for travelling. You will end up spending less on replacing lost pieces. Get Yours Now!
Color: Black


CM A1 Ribbon Wire

Shape: Ribbon
Spool contains 30ft of wire
Feature: resistance wire
durable in high temperature
oxydizing properties





Coil Master Ceramic

Coil Master Ceramic Stick is made of Zirconia ceramic,which allows users to maintain and adjust their coils while dry firing.

5 sizes ceramic rods are included in one pack: 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0mm.

Keep and adjust coils in perfect shape while dry firing.
A silicone grip to prevent finger burns.

Sizes: 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0mm
Stick: 5pcs
Silicone grip: 5pcs
Silicone case: 5pcs


Prebuilt clapton

GeekVape Prebuilt Fused Clapton Coil 0.2ohm